Lose anxiety, find purpose


This is a therapy group for adults with various forms of anxiety. The purpose of the group is to provide a safe place where clients can share useful strategies with one another and gain accountability as they work on gaining an upper hand over anxiety, thus changing their circumstances. This is a closed group that meets every Saturday and lasts 3 months. For group details click here!



This therapy group is for adults who can relate to any of the following scenarios:

  • It takes effort to get to work and when you finally arrive, you start your countdown to dismissal
  • You have an uneasy feeling that you might not be fulfilling your life’s purpose
  • You take out some frustration on the people you serve
  • You just don’t seem to fit in
  • You feel stuck at a job
  • You just HATE Mondays!

You are not alone – The thing is, humans yearn for meaning and there IS more to your existence. Join this open group that meets every other Saturday. For more information, click here!