Can't continue to avoid everything that might trigger your next attack. Be on the offensive by becoming a detective into your own mind.


Let's do something about the way you think and feel so you can act differently.

Our Goal

To provide anxiety relief and stress management by helping individuals find and/or focus on their life purpose while shutting out all distractions along the way – all for the sake of wholeness.

Our Mission

To reinstate hope for restoration to the hurting, by providing a healthy and safe environment intended to promote the drive essential to reach ones highest potential. Our motivation is to see people WHOLE. We believe this is possible and we work with each client to see this accomplished.

Our Focus and Treatment

We specialize in adult stress management and anxiety related issues such as: Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Agoraphobia, Specific Phobias, and Life purpose-related unrest.

Below are some forms of therapy we administer:

We do not believe that therapy should be indefinite; therefore we urge you to desire and pursue change with every fiber of your being. As much as we are motivated to see you reach your goals, we cannot be more motivated than you are. To ensure we remain on target, We perform mid treatment review to evaluate progress and to adjust treatment plans. 

Serious about Treatment? Review the Stages of Change chart to assess where you might be at this time. 



This is a therapy group for adults with various forms of anxiety. The purpose of the group is to provide a safe place where clients can share useful strategies with one another and gain accountability as they work on gaining an upper hand over anxiety, thus changing their circumstances. This is a closed group that meets every Saturday and lasts 3 months. 

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This therapy group is for adults who can relate to any of the following scenarios:

  • It takes effort to get to work and when you finally arrive, you start your countdown to dismissal
  • You have an uneasy feeling that you might not be fulfilling your life’s purpose
  • You take out some frustration on the people you serve
  • You just don’t seem to fit in
  • You feel stuck at a job
  • You just HATE Mondays!

You are not alone – The thing is, humans yearn for meaning and there IS more to your existence. Join this open group that meets every other Saturday.

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Do I really need theraphy?

Believe it or not, for concerns of a neurotic nature such as those mentioned on this site, it would help to talk to someone you can trust. Sometimes all you need is a step in the right direction. Other times, all you need is a good strategy. The sad truth is that people are busy; yes, at times too busy to listen. We are here to listen and help you with strategies that will direct you in the right path. We have access to proven tools that have helped other clients get well and stay well.

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