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Lose anxiety, find purpose

Life Issues

November 9, 2013 Christian Therapy Resources Life Issues 0

Humans have experienced it all. The bible even says that there is nothing new under the sun. But one of the most painful things in life must be feeling alone in your struggle. And unless you have heard someone else’s struggle, you might feel as though you are the only one who is going through pain – singled out – a black sheep – a curse! The truth is YOU ARE NOT ALONE and you will be convinced of that by hearing and sharing with others in their struggles. But you won’t just stay there because that would support the saying, Misery loves company. Rather you will hear how others overcame and it will strengthen you and give you a renewed hope to do the same. Because we live in a fallen world, struggles will persist even after one has been overcome – if it’s not one problem, it’s another. We can help you with strategies to OVERCOME each one as they come, this way you can get back on track to your life purpose.

Chances are, the therapist you choose has overcome struggles themselves. Sadly, there are too many scenarios to list but we have compiled a few scenarios that various therapists have overcome. See if you can relate and feel free to share some of yours if you think it might help someone. Click here for confessions of a therapist!

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