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Anxiety Speaks

May 17, 2017 Behavioral Issues 0
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Anxiety speaks, but you don’t have to be it’s mouthpiece, and without an outlet it will remain dormant. But as much as anxiety has to say, there are some secrets that it won’t tell you. For instance, most of the things we obsess over are not reality. They are in our heads and no one else sees or knows it unless we say something. Also, I bet it never told you that some amount of anxiety is required to perform well. At CARE, we can help you find that healthy balance.

Your relationship with anxiety is in complicated status. You don’t like it but you allow it to get away with so much (enabling). You’ve said that you dream of being free from its drama one day but you probably can’t imagine life without it because you are so used to it by now – and it has shaped you (codependency). So we wanna help you end the destructive cycle already so you can stop aiding and abetting this felon. At CARE, we will teach you how to take back control of your mind.

Have you been the embodiment of Anxiety? Check out the list below for some hints.

  • You are too hard on yourself and at least it seems to have paid off – You earned the “type A” personality” title.
  • You want perfection but don’t have the time nor the patience to achieve it on a the regular so you procrastinate – which is a nightmare because you are supposed to be a perfectionist and being late is a no-no.
  • You are overwhelmed with the prospect of a situation, so rather than deal with it, you delay. The more you  delay, the worse your state of anxiety.
  • You probably arrive too early or too late – Its all about extremes for you.
  • Speaking of extremes, It’s usually the worse case scenario for you, Isn’t it? – The glass is often half empty.
  • Triggers unknown? No, you didn’t make it up – you did have a trigger; You just can’t pinpoint what it was.
  • You can’t simply learn about a random medical condition without convincing yourself that you have it.
  • Triggers, triggers! Anything could be your trigger – even this website could be one – Too cluttered, Too cliché,     Too real, Too lengthy. We tried to avoid any possible trigger, but then we realized, even if there was no real problem, your mind can’t help but create one. We get it!

Here is a scenario of how Anxiety can get you stuck in a cycle, click here!

Anonymously list some of your bizarre symptoms in the comment box. Let others know they are not alone in this struggle.


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