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May 17, 2017 Behavioral Issues 0

Have You Been The Embodiment of OCD?

It speaks, you know. . . And this is what it sounds like:

  • You have intense urges to continue to do something – just to get it “right”
  • Others tell you it’s perfect but you don’t trust them and the scary part is, you don’t even trust yourself. So. . . you keep trying to get it right
  • You are EXHAUSTED and so are the people around you
  • To make matters worse, you don’t really have the time to perform, let alone, perfect these rituals but you do it anyway because you can’t help it
  • You arrive late to places or don’t show up at all
  • Others have given you the highly sought Type A personality title, but you don’t believe you are good enough to deserve it.

It’s a trust issue. You trust no one – Not even yourself. We’ll help you trust again!

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