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Marital Issues

I pray this is more of an encouragement to clients facing marital issues but take it for what it is worth. A dear doctor friend of mine who is five decades older than I am, said this to me weeks before my wedding, “now you have probably heard that marriage isn’t easy, well, it isn’t…
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September 11, 2013 0


Yeah, the statue of liberty and other statues did it for me…then I had a fear of the moon…(shaking my head) a lot of these fears came out of the blue and left just the way they came. But some others I had, such as the fear of heights and really tall buildings, started as…
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August 21, 2013 0


I totally remember being in the movie theater when it happened… “Did you turn off the stove?” Oh no! Not again…please no! NO! The previews had just finished playing and the movie was to begin at any moment but, Yeah … you guessed it! I drove back home to check and guess what…The stove was…
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August 19, 2013 0

Who is counseling for?

Counseling is for anyone who is experiencing significant distress in social, occupational, self or interpersonal areas of functioning. When it comes to concerns of a neurotic nature, we strongly believe that counseling or therapy must not last forever. We believe that with appropriate dedication on the part of both the counselor and the client, there…
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July 20, 2013 0

Stages of Change

1.) Precontemplative: Clients are unaware of having a problem although others may see their problem. They have no intention of changing. 2.) Contemplative: Clients may have an idea about what needs to change and begin to give serious thought to changing behavior. 3.) Preparation: Clients intend to make small behavioral changes within the next 30…
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June 9, 2013 0