Stages of Change

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Stages of Change

June 9, 2013 Getting Started 0

1.) Precontemplative: Clients are unaware of having a problem although others may see their problem. They have no intention of changing.

2.) Contemplative: Clients may have an idea about what needs to change and begin to give serious thought to changing behavior.

3.) Preparation: Clients intend to make small behavioral changes within the next 30 days. Counselors can help by offering behavioral options.

4.) Action: Clients put in a lot of time and effort and make successful short-term behavior changes which are often noticed by others. Counselors are available to give client a strong sense of future direction.

5.) Maintenance: Clients have the ability to remain free of unwanted behaviors that once plagued them.

– (Prochaska, DiClemente, & Norcross, 1992)



So, which stage do you find yourself in? We can help you assess that and move forward. Contact us today.


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