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Anxiety, Struggle, Cycle

Anxiety Speaks

Anxiety speaks, but you don’t have to be it’s mouthpiece, and without an outlet it will remain dormant. But as much as anxiety has to say, there are some secrets that it won’t tell you. For instance, most of the things we obsess over are not reality. They are in our heads and no one…
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Life Issues

Humans have experienced it all. The bible even says that there is nothing new under the sun. But one of the most painful things in life must be feeling alone in your struggle. And unless you have heard someone else’s struggle, you might feel as though you are the only one who is going through…
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November 9, 2013 0

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

We believe that some of our behavior is caused by internal events (thoughts and feelings) which we view as real and powerful. With CBT we help the client to gain awareness of their faulty thinking and self-defeating behavior, challenge the thoughts that are at the root of their problems, correct their misconceptions, and gain insight…
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November 8, 2013 0

Person Centered Therapy

This form of therapy deeply exudes an interpersonal acceptance and relationship. It focuses on the client’s feelings and is a non directive humanistic approach. In order for this process to be successful, we provide unconditional positive regard, genuineness, and emphatic understanding; in other words, we listen attentively and respectfully without judgment. This works best for…
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November 6, 2013 0

Christian Counseling

Christian clients typically face a greater pressure to be free from anxiety because they mandated by the word of God to live a life free of worry and one of dependence on Christ by faith. This is not always an easy thing to do especially if they do not have a form of support or…
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November 4, 2013 0

Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Solution Focused Brief Therapy is a form of talk therapy that focuses on what clients want to achieve from therapy rather than what caused the problem in the first place. The client and the counselor focus on the present (here and now) rather than the past. The belief here is that change is constant and…
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November 3, 2013 0

Eclectic Therapy

Here, we draw inspiration from many theories but are linked to no one in particular. The goal is to determine what treatment is most effective for our client because everyone is unique.  This form of therapy is also known as Integrative Counseling. It maintains that no one theory in particular can cater to the complexities…
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Medication: Under no circumstance are we able to diagnose you or offer advice on whether you should or should not take your medication. We will always refer you back to your doctor. Together, you and your doctor are the best ones who can determine that. Experience: As you can tell from our website, we provide…
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October 27, 2013 0

Finding Purpose

When I was in the middle of my MBA program and working full time. Everyone around me seemed to think I had it all going for me . . . but I was unhappy. Yeah, I was getting extremely good grades and was recognized by the dean as outstanding… but I was MISERABLE. I sought…
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