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Lose anxiety, find purpose

Anxiety, cycle

Anxiety and Purpose Groups

We currently run two groups. Lose Anxiety is a closed group while Find Purpose is an open group. You may join an open group at any time. However, due to the sensitive nature of a closed group, once a closed group commences, no new members will be allowed in. Interested individuals may enroll with next…
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Anxiety, cycle


At Center for Anxiety Relief and Education counseling means: To actively listen to what our clients say and don’t say, and encourage them to embrace their unique self, while letting go of destructive behaviors, and coping with issues beyond their control. We provide unconditional positive regard as we combine psychotherapy with a hands-on approach to…
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Click the links below to launch and download form. Intake Appointment and fees HIPAA NCBLPC Disclosure Insurance Deeds Monitor Meal Monitor MAP IV forms and worksheets Breathing Video Thoughts Monitor Thought-Tracking Form Testing Scary Thoughts Form

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Medication: Under no circumstance are we able to diagnose you or offer advice on whether you should or should not take your medication. We will always refer you back to your doctor. Together, you and your doctor are the best ones who can determine that. Experience: As you can tell from our website, we provide…
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Who is counseling for?

Counseling is for anyone who is experiencing significant distress in social, occupational, self or interpersonal areas of functioning. When it comes to concerns of a neurotic nature, we strongly believe that counseling or therapy must not last forever. We believe that with appropriate dedication on the part of both the counselor and the client, there…
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