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October 27, 2013 CARE Information 0

Medication: Under no circumstance are we able to diagnose you or offer advice on whether you should or should not take your medication. We will always refer you back to your doctor. Together, you and your doctor are the best ones who can determine that.

Experience: As you can tell from our website, we provide specific services. This is because we believe that the best way we can help our clients is to have gone through similar experiences ourselves. We can only teach you what we ourselves know, and have found to help others. We are not saying that a therapist who has not experienced a similar circumstance as you is not qualified to help you. We speak for ourselves when we say that knowing on a personal level helps for us to place ourselves deeper in the shoes of our hurting clients and the only way we have found to do that is to specialize in what we have experienced and OVERCOME.

Having said that, we must inform you that there are some areas of our specialty areas which require the help of God through Christ in order for us to help you achieve your freedom and peace of mind. Those areas include Pornography addiction, Premarital counseling and Finding purpose and Empowering singles. Again, we apply only what we have learned to do for ourselves – with the grace of God. Other than these areas, we can assist you with other tools that have proved to help us and our clients.


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